Excellence in JEE(MAIN/ADV)/AIPMT/AIIMS : Emphasis on making the students understand the fundamental concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology and on enhancing their analytical skills and parallel thinking process which makes them capable resolving complex and tricky problems by mere application of basic concepts which assures quantum jump in their competitive examination. Each student has different style learning and we together have to make the right strategy for him / her for TIME MANAGEMENT to ensure optimum output. This enables the students to excel not only in JEE (MAIN/ADV)/AIPMT/AIIMS but also in XII Board Exams.


  • First Year: Class XI Syllabus will be finished by 31 Jan 2016 on the basis of competition as well as school level along with objective and subjective level problem practice and tests. Class XI syllabus is more conceptual and difficult where all information in Science and Math are new to the students as compare to what they have done in class X.
  • Syllabus of class XI is covered at three level
  • Level 1 : Learning of concepts ,facts and formulas exactly on the basis of NCERT Syllabus and JEE Main/AIPMT level Syllabus
  • Level 2 : Basic level question bank with tips and tricks (two exercise levels) : Covers JEE/ AIPMT
  • Level 3 : JEE-Advance Level Question Booklet
  • Second Year: Entire program is divided into 3 phases:

Phase I: (April to September 2016)

Syllabus of class XII will be finished by October along with Chapter based Tests in objective as well as subjective mode.

Phase II: (October to December 2016)

Topics of Class XI will be reviewed on the basis of competitive examinations including shortcut tips and tricks. Test will be conducted on the basis of different competitive exams. Along with this syllabus of class XII will be revised with Part Tests (board pattern as well as JEE (MAIN/ADV) pattern).

Phase III: (Nov 2016 to Jan 2017)

All India Test Series with part & Full length/Mock Tests based on different competitive examination.

(Early completion of the Course enables all students to cope up well with the last month’s pressure of school besides giving adequate time for revision and consolidation of the knowledge and skills acquired at Academy and School and required for being successful in JEE (MAIN/ADV)/AIPMT/AIIMS along with board examination).

  • Regular classes, problem solving and special doubt clearing sessions.
  • Comprehensive study material and assignments.
  • Online assignment and test Series along with detailed analysis and rank prediction.
  • Special designed assignment for JEE (MAIN/ADV) will be given in the form of DPP: 225 Sheets (which is popular in Delhi and Kota)
  • Rank Enhancement Program: Extra question bank may be provided to fast learners for rank enhancement in JEE (MAIN/ADV)/AIPMT.
  • Cash Prize per subject per month will be given as an appreciation to the topper of the batch for classroom/online test and activities.


  • Classroom contact hours : Approx 750 hours,
  • 4 hours a day and 3 days a week classes and one day test are conducted. During vacation extensive classes will be conducted so that maximum of syllabus can be covered during that time.
Fee Structure (PCM/PCB)
  • FEE per student: Rs. 149000* (one Installment)
Fee in Installment:
  • First Year (39900 + 39900 + 39900 every third month (March/June/September- 2015) from the date of admission in the form of PDC) + Second Year (PDC of Rs. 39900 for March- 2016)
  • 12.36 % Service Tax is to be added in every installment as per govt. ruling.
D-Mentor will be given to all the enrolled students